Saturday, March 1, 2014

Anonymous said: Never had an orgasm during sex. I'm a girl and I've had a few partners any advice?

1 patience

2 foreplay

3 patience

4 patience.

I don’t know who decided that one, all girls orgasm the same way, or two, all girls orgasm easily. I’ve learned that it’s extremely difficult for me to orgasm strictly through penetration - I need ample clitoral stimulation to reach a full orgasm. I learned this through lots of sex, but really more so through masturbation. I’ve mentioned somewhere on here before I think but it’s hard to know what to ask a sexual partner to do when you don’t know what you need/want yourself. make sure you’re getting to know your own body well.

if you do know what pushes you over the edge, make sure you’re fully stimulated before trying. (most) women’s bodies need a lot of foreplay to truly enjoy an awesome mind-blowing orgasm. take your time, enjoy yourself, and don’t be afraid to rock it til waterfalls. (queen bey forever)

Anonymous said: Continuing_• It was like it was my period because I bleed for 2 days and then stopped but my periods are usually 7 days so idk what happened??? Do you have any clue.

I only bled slightly the first time I had sex and don’t really have any recollection of more bleeding the following times I had sex. however, everything is crazy new and shit down there so it wouldn’t surprise me if you were bleeding from your vagina stretching out more. bleeding for two days though is definitely concerning. there have been several times where I’ve had sex and was supposed to start my period a few days later, but something about the sex made me start early. it’s definitely possible it was your period and it was just short. this is totally a situation that you need to discuss with a doctor though, especially with your prolonged bleeding and it not being your period. I don’t have enough medical knowledge to keep you safe!

Anonymous said: Same poster as last time. I slept with another person about 2 days after I lost my virginity and we've been fwb it also only met/hung out with him 3 times and slept with him on the 3rd we fucked like 3 times and the third time was morning sex and after he finished I went to the bathroom and realized I had blood all over me, and I went back into his room and he asked me if he popped my cherry but we had fucked 2 times before that and I didn't lose my v card to him. It wasn't time for my period

Anonymous said: I'm 16 and I lost my virginity to a 20 year old guy that has a gf.. it hurt. It meant nothing to me it was a quick hook up I only had met/ hung out with him 3 times.

john-wah said: Biggest you've had?

I’m really terrible at guesstimating measurements, but he was about 9 in long and if I wrapped my thumb and middle finger around it, they couldn’t touch. I have pretty small hands but it was still thick as shit.

Anonymous said: hello slut, want to chat? do you have a snapping pussy. If so you are a dream come true. Been long time since my dick was worked over by a woman and her snapping pussy.

I have no idea what this means but it sounds terrifying. no thank you.


it’s the ghost of christmas past!!! does anyone even still read this thing? I had so much fun here.

in case anyone was wondering, I’m still a slut and still fuckin’ proud of it. miss you guys <3

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anonymous said: I am a forty-six your old man. I do not feel old. Time dort of went by quick. I never married nor had any kids. I know everyone says this, but, people tell me I look thirty-six. My question is, what sort of insight can you offer to help me be the cool older guy as opposed to the creepy older guy. I have had it go both ways. I have been sought out by women in their twenties and also repelled them. Any thoughts? More on how to act, in general, even just to be considered a desirable friend. TY

This is such stupid advice, but it’s always been the best: just be yourself. It doesn’t matter how you act or what you’re into - if someone is going to think you’re creepy, that’s just what they’re going to think and you shouldn’t let it matter to you. Fuck the girls that are into you and pass on the ones who aren’t - it’s that simple!

Anonymous said: Do you enjoy pissing, my girlfriend does it all the time when we are out. In her panties,jeans,anywhere, anyhow, its a masive turn on for both of us. I just wonderd if that many girls are realy into it,or do they just do it to please their men ?

Honestly, I’m not into it. I don’t personally know anyone (that I know of) that is into it so I can’t really say what the motive is behind it for some girls.

Anonymous said: HI